Sunday, 12 October 2014

New Update !!

Hey There,

I know I have been away for a long time !!!!

But !!!

I will be back soon, 

I have been working a full time job to help support my family, but now michael has found a better job. So I can quit and become a full time mum again.  I know you dont want to know much about my life on this blog, so just to make his quick, i will be reorganising my blog over the next few weeks while we are in the process of moving. But when we get to the new house my blog should be all sorted.  I will start blogging as i really miss it.

If you wanna know more detail about what is happening with us, jump over to my other blog Colourful World Of Life. this is where ,I will be leaving updates on what is going on with everything.

Both of my blogs will be getting updated. 

I am also thinking about creating a third blog "Colourful World Of Crafting" , What do you think??

I cant wait to be back talking about make-up again.

Keep a Lookout in November I will be back !!!

Love you all,

Missing Blogging


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  1. Hi babe yes i love your blog,was mine ok as i don't blog much and need to do more of it tbh,the only thing i will say on here is reading pink text on pink background was quite hard and sent my eyes a bit funny lol but saying that i do need specs anyway,nice that your working on your blog though,i don't get time to read them much as i'm a youtube o holic more i think,glad ur back to being a full time stay at home mum,thanks for reading my blog,missed you love vinny xx♥♥xx