Friday, 29 March 2013

Been Sick :(

Hey All,

Sorry I have not been on in the last 2 weeks. i have been really ill not been able to do much. I have not even put any videos on YouTube.

but feeling better now just few aching pains down my legs n a sore throat.  will be putting some videos up this weekend going to film them all tomorrow and upload as and when i need them up.

just in the process of starting up a second channel.  my is all about nails. However, I enjoy makeup as well so i thought i would start another channel all abut beauty, but with being ill all i have managed to do is make the account and link it up with my main one.  so i will be filming some videos this weekend and starting up load hem on Monday i think.  i will let you know when my first video is up so u can see if you like them.

if you have any request for videos for either channel or any requests for certain blogs just let me know and i will be happy to try and get these done ASAP.

glad to be back I have missed this more then I thought I would lol

see you all soon

Luv Yaz

Bye xXx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sorry Not Been On

Hey All,

Sorry I haven't been on, I have been having an amazing few days with my kids.

Mothers day for me ended tonight !!!

I haven't been allowed to do anything Michael has done everything for me and also looked after the kids !!!  he spoiled me rotten, I had a chill day on Sunday, then yesterday we went out for the day, and I had a pamper night. Finally today I had another chill out day !!

Back to normal tomorrow as I have to take my 2 year old Tyler to play group with his cousin Maisy.

Just popped on to let you know that I am going to get more serious bout my Youtube and blog.

I will be posting a blog every night alternating between Beauty and Nails.

I will be starting this tomorrow with a beauty blog.

I am also starting up a second Youtube channel dedicated to beauty. So I will have 1 channel for Nails and 1 Channel for Makeup & Beauty.

If you like my first Channel please check you my new 1 next week I will Link it in when I have created it.

If you have any video requests / Review Requests please let me know and I will do my best. !!

will be back tomorrow !!

bye  !!

Luv Yaz xXx

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pick Me Up

Hey there all,

With having my 2 boys I have had a bit of a hectic day. So when they go to bed i sometimes like to give myself a "pick me up" tonight i have decided to do my toe nails ready for Mothers Day tomorrow. ( I will put picks below)

I used a peachy pink nail polish as my main colour, then on my big toe, I added red and black flicks with white dots between . In the corner where my flicks meet a put a silver rhinestone  then added a fimo of a dragonfly diagonal from this.  ( dragonfly because of spring ). On my other toes I put a baby pink rhinestone in the centre.

Well this really worked as my "pick me up" as I feel alot more like me rather then a tired mum lol

I hope you like it !!x

I will see you soon bye

Luv Yaz xXx

Friday, 8 March 2013

My First Blog

Hey All,

I have just decided to start a blog.

So for my first post I think I will tell you about myself.

I am 23 years old with 2 beautiful boys. aged 2 and 6 months.

I live in Stoke on Trent, in Staffordshire.  I am originally from Hull, Yorkshire but moved to start a new life.

I love beauty especially nails.

I started a You tube account so I can build my confidence. So being more confident now I thought I would start a blog.

I will post on here as often as possible mostly about nails and beauty, but might add some random stuff now n then.

well I think that is it.

If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask.

see you soon

Luv Yaz xXx
My Fiancee, My Son Tyler & my Baby Boy Dylan !!!