Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Night Time Hand Routine

Hey All,

I thought I would let you know the routine i do on my hands every night at bedtime.

Firstly I use the Derma V10 Hand and Nail Lotion.  I Massage this into my hands and anils for a few mintues until it is fully soaked in.  I got this lotion from Poundland.  2 for £1

Next I use a Cuticle Revitalizer. I put this on all of my cuticles and massage this in until it is fully osaked into my cuticles.  I got this from Poundland.  £1

Finally I use a Cuticle Balm. I use ths on my cuticles and massage it in a little and let that soak on my nails overnight.  I got this from Avon sometime last year.  I am not sure how much it cost and they no longer sell this.

I am putting a video on youtube tomorrow showing my routine. so if you would like to know more please check out my youtube channel.

Thnx for reading


Luv Yaz

Bye xXx

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