Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review - Derma V10 Hand & Nail Lotion

Hey all,

I uploaded a video on youtube of me doing a review on the derma v10 hand and nail lotion so I thought I would do a review on here aswell.

Lets start from the begining, I got this product from Poundland on a 2 for £1 deal.  It is an amazing product for the price you pay. I use this every night in my night routine and then everytime i do my nails.  It smells lovely there is no bad smell like you get with some hand lotions it leaves my hands feeling very soft and I think I can see an improvement with my cuticles aswell.

The only bad thing I have to say about this is that it is greasy when you put it on at first but then as you work it in and massage it into your nails it starts to balance out

Like I say this is an amazing BUDGET product it is great for anyone who is just starting to use hand lotions as a cheap starter or great for someone on a tight budget and cannot afford drugstore prices

I hope you like this review please check out my video on my you tube channel http;//www.youtube.com/littlemissnails9


See you soon

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