Thursday, 4 April 2013

Poundland Flexi Rods - REVIEW !!

Hey All,

This is my first review so I thought I would start with something I use all the time.

these are the Poundland Flexi rods. OMG the are definitely worth the money. i love them they work perfectly i my hair!!

I love to have my hair with waves and curls but don't like to put heat to my hair as it is damaged from too many colourings and too much heat so I am trying to give it a break.

I have seen flexi rods in many stores for quite high prices.  I didn't know how they would be in my hair so I didn't want to spend a lot on them.

I couldn't believe it when i saw them in Poundland for a pack of  8 (4 large & 4 small). Instantly I picked up 2 packs as I have very long thick hair.

I put them in my hair with some curling moose left them in over night. when i took them out the next morning i sorted them out and added some hairspray for the extra hold.

I would recommend these to anyone who was trying to curl their hair for the first time.

hope you like this.

if you would like anymore reviews just let me know.

Got to go

Luv Yaz

Bye xXx

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