Friday, 29 March 2013

Been Sick :(

Hey All,

Sorry I have not been on in the last 2 weeks. i have been really ill not been able to do much. I have not even put any videos on YouTube.

but feeling better now just few aching pains down my legs n a sore throat.  will be putting some videos up this weekend going to film them all tomorrow and upload as and when i need them up.

just in the process of starting up a second channel.  my is all about nails. However, I enjoy makeup as well so i thought i would start another channel all abut beauty, but with being ill all i have managed to do is make the account and link it up with my main one.  so i will be filming some videos this weekend and starting up load hem on Monday i think.  i will let you know when my first video is up so u can see if you like them.

if you have any request for videos for either channel or any requests for certain blogs just let me know and i will be happy to try and get these done ASAP.

glad to be back I have missed this more then I thought I would lol

see you all soon

Luv Yaz

Bye xXx

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