Friday, 8 November 2013

Lush Obsession

Hi there,

I am guessing everyone knows about lush lol

I used to be obsessed with lush up until 3 years ago when I had Tyler.  But about 2 weeks ago I decided to go have a look in seebwhat new things they have got.  I ONLY went of a LOOK lol.  well thats how it started lol.

I wasnt sure how my skin would react now that I have had 2 kids.  Almost everything has changed about me. Even little things like I dont really like egg anymore, I cant stand pickled onions anymore. similar things have been happening to my skin.  I used to have normal skin now I have patches of dry and patches of oily. certain face masks have made my skin very angry.

So I was very cautious when I started wanting things.  I decided to go with just a bubble bar.  I got "The Comforter" and OMG it is amazing lol.  My skin doesnt react and I feel so relaxed after a bath with this.

I am now officially back obsessed with lush!!!

Expect lush hauls after xmas lol (kids xmas comes first lol) 

I hope michael gets me tgis same one for xmas xx


bye xx

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