Sunday, 6 April 2014

New Youtube Channel

Hey there,

I just thought I would pop on at let you all know I am starting a new Youtube Channel.

I didn't think my name on last channel matched (littlemissnails9).  I originally started my channel doing nails but then the more videos I did he more I wanted to do different videos.  So I started moving away from the nails aspect and spread to all beauty areas.

I wasn't really dedicated to my channel because I didn't think I was good enough.  Then I completely stopped because I had a lot going on in my life and had to drop a few things.

But now I have sorted a lot of things out and I am ready to come back.  I don't care if I am not good enough for other people because I enjoyed it and want to go back and enjoy myself again.

After deciding to come back I though I would watch a few other channels for a while and get myself back into the groove of things.  I started leaving comments on peoples channels and started making friends with people.

After a few weeks of this I decided to start looking for a camera to buy.  I don't want to spend a lot yet until I know I am fully dedicated.  Then I decided to give my channel a make over.  When I looked at my name I realised it didn't match what my channel was about.   

I stated talking to LittleMissStyleGuru (Vinny) about what I was thinking and she helped me decide to start a new channel.  I spent the next week trying to think of a name that described my channel well. After a week of me and Michael coming up blank, I went back to Vinny and asked for help again, within a day she had got back to me and had a list of amazing names that she and Jamie (Partner) came up with.  All of these names were amazing and I ended up picking one lol.  

Then I have spent a few weeks working on everything for this channel to make everything the way I want it.

If it wasn't for Vinny and Jamie I wouldn't not be on here saying I am coming back to YouTube.  Please Check out her Channel and Subscribe - she is an amazing woman with an amazing family.  Vinny's Channel.

So I have now setup my new channel and it is called -  Colourful World Of Beauty   Please check it out and I will be uploading from next week.  So keep a look out for me starting that.  I will be uploading every week, I think I am going to start by doing 1 a week and see how it goes then add more if people like it.

If you have any requests you can either let me know on here or on my Channel.


Bye xx

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  1. aw thanks so much for this hun,only just seen it and it's so kind of you,i really do miss you so please get ur ass in gear and get back on Youtube,you are good enough and ur so beautiful,i just don't think you can see how pretty you are xx♥xx